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Biggest Vermeer exhibition now open for visit at the Rijksmuseum

For the first time in history, the Rijksmuseum presents an overview exhibition of Johannes Vermeer. With 28 paintings this exhibition offers the largest overview of Vermeer’s masterpieces. Seven paintings are shown for the first time in more than two centuries in the Netherlands.


The exhibition Vermeer in the Rijksmuseum focuses on Vermeer’s ambitions, work, life, faith, and environment. In preparation for the exhibition, extensive research has been carried out in collaboration with the Mauritshuis to explore the 17th-century artist from Delft.

Closer to Vermeer
To provide visitors with more insight into Vermeer’s work, eleven themes have been chosen. These themes cover Vermeer’s early ambitions, the first interiors, the balance between interior and exterior worlds, the letters, the musical seduction, his perspective on the world, and inner values, among others. In this way, visitors are brought closer to Vermeer.

For the first time in The Netherlands
Of the 28 paintings shown during the exhibition, 7 have never been seen before in the Netherlands. These are the recently restored Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window, The Procuress, The Music Lesson, Woman and Maid, The Glass of Wine, Lute Player and Young Woman Seated at a Virginal. In addition, there are other highlights, such as Girl with a Pearl Earring, The Geographer from the Städel Museum, Woman Writing a Letter with her Maid, The Lacemaker and Woman Holding a Balance.


New Research
Extensive research has been conducted on the Delft artist in preparation for the exhibition, which has yielded new insights into his social position, his contacts with artists and other people in his environment, and the influence of his faith on his work.

Johannes Vermeer didn’t create many paintings, but the impression they make is unforgettable. The intimacy of his work freezes time in a world where so much is coming at us. We are grateful to all the museums and private collectors for their generosity in making this exceptional exhibition possible. – Taco Dibbits, hoofddirecteur Rijksmuseum

Johannes Vermeer
Johannes Vermeer (1632-1675) was based in Delft, where he grew up in his father’s art dealership and received a Protestant upbringing. Upon marriage, he was taken in by a Catholic family. He had fourteen or fifteen children, of whom eleven survived their childhood. In addition to being a painter, Vermeer was an art dealer and a leader in the Sint-Lucas Guild for artists. He is best known for his still, introverted indoor scenes, his unprecedented use of bright, colorful light, and his convincing illusionism. Unlike Rembrandt, Vermeer has a notably small body of work, consisting of only 37 paintings. Seven of these paintings can be found in the Netherlands, four at the Rijksmuseum, including the Milkmaid and the Little Street, and three at the Mauritshuis, including the Girl with a Pearl Earring and the View of Delft.

The Vermeer exhibition is accompanied by a coffeetable book, edited by Pieter Roelofs and Gregor J.M. Weber, the curators of the exhibition, and designed by bookdesigner Irma Boom. The book Vermeer is avaible via Amsterdam Original.

Opening hours and tickets
Sunday to Wednesday 9 am-6 pm and Thursday to Saturday 9 am-10 pm. Everyone is required to reserve a start time for the exhibition online. Tickets can only be reserved online via the Rijksmuseum website.

Museumstraat 1, Amsterdam
+31 (0)900 0745
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– 10 February t/m 4 June
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Museumstraat 1, Amsterdam
+31 (0)900 0745
Dit evenement is voorbij
10 February t/m 4 June


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