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Art & Culture

Museum Van Loon

The former house of the regent Van Loon family, is situated in the heart of the Amsterdam Canals. This is where you can find Museum van Loon. In the house you find beautiful portraits, impressive pieces of furniture and silver and porcelain from different centuries. The first and most famous resident of the building was the painter Ferdinand Bol, a pupil of Rembrandt. During the Golden Ages others obviously have lived in this house. The interior of the house has remained largely intact during the recent centuries. Therefore the museum is the perfect way to experience what living was like in the Golden Age.

In the rooms you wil find a large collection of paintings, fine furniture, precious silvery and porcelain from different centuries is on display. Besides that you can also enjoy the beautiful garden behind the house, something very unique in Amsterdam. If you want a glimpse of the world behind the façades of the world famous canals, a visit to Museum Van Loon is definitely worth your while.

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Museum Van Loon
Keizersgracht 672, Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 624 52 55


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