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Nemo Science Museum

At NEMO Science Museum discover how science and technology make ordinary things special. Explore five floors full of experiments, demonstrations and workshops. Roll up your sleeves and get busy learning about how bridges work, how water is made drinkable, and how lightning is created. This summer you can enjoy the new exhibit Energetica on the roof of NEMO. At numerous self operated sculptures you can make discoveries together involving for example sun, wind and water power and renewable energy. You can also take part in experiments and workshops in the Family Maker Space.

The wonders of the NEMO Science Museum

The Nemo Science Museum is an exciting museum for all ages. This unique and interactive, educational attraction in the center of Amsterdam is a must visit for everyone interested in science. In the museum they educate visitors about the wonders of science in the most fun way possible. The NEMO Science Museum is housed in a gigantic boat-shaped copper building near Central Station which is impossible to miss. Book your visit to the NEMO Science Museum and discover the fascinating world of science!

Interactive exhibitions

You can touch, play and interact with hundreds of games designed to demonstrate how engineering, physics, chemistry and biology work. The science center includes a chemistry laboratory where children can perform experiments under supervision; a superb demonstration of chain reactions using a gigantic Rube Goldberg Machine; interactive and didactic physics games and much more! The Children’s Museum of Science is a great choice for families visiting Amsterdam and is also hugely popular with the locals, attracting over half a million visitors each year. The terrace on top of the building offers a superb view of the city, which is the perfect place for sitting down to relax and enjoying the sights after a tour through the museum. The NEMO Science Museum is an unforgettable experience that’s fun for all ages!


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Nemo Science Museum
Oosterdok 2, Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 531 32 33


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