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The Maritime Museum brings the maritime history to our time

Discover one of the biggest and most famous maritime collections in the world

The Netherlands has a rich naval history. The National Maritime Museum Amsterdam is dedicated to this time. This museum has an impressive collection of historical objects including weapons, paintings, world maps and scale models. Come and learn about one of the most fascinating pieces of Dutch history at the museum.

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The National Maritime Museum gives you a glimpse into different times. You will learn about the countries connection with the sea and you’ll be able to board one of its most (in)famous ships of the Golden Ages. Relive the 500 years of fascinating history and imagine what life was like for sailors working for one of the most successful sea-empires ever. The museum is full of fun, educational and interactive exhibits for all ages. Besides that, a large collection of historical artifacts from the Golden Age are on display.

The building
The National Maritime Museum Amsterdam is situated in an impressive building. This building was the former arsenal of the Admiralty of Amsterdam, so it isn’t a coincidence that the city chose this location for the museum. The beautiful glass ceiling of the courtyard is loosely based on the rose of a compass.


V.O.C. Ship
The crown jewel of the museum is a full-size replica of a cargo ship from the 18th-century that shipwrecked in the English Channel on its maiden voyage to the East Indies.

Virtual Reality time travel
Thought time travel was impossible? Think again. Jump into this exciting journey brought to you by the National Maritime Museum Amsterdam. Travel through a bustling harbour — just as it was in the ‘Dutch golden age’. Look around and your view will change through clever 360 VR as if you were actually there. The VR can be seen on board of the V.O.C. ship Amsterdam.

Het Scheepvaartmuseum
Kattenburgerplein 1, Amsterdam
+31 20 523 2222
Maandag Gesloten
Dinsdag 10:00–17:00
Woensdag 10:00–17:00
Donderdag 10:00–17:00
Vrijdag 10:00–17:00
Zaterdag 10:00–17:00
Zondag 10:00–17:00
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Het Scheepvaartmuseum
Kattenburgerplein 1, Amsterdam
+31 20 523 2222
Vr 10:00–17:00   

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Di 10:00–17:00
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