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District: De Wallen

Red Light District

Welcome to one of the most famous neighborhoods in the city, the Red Light District! People hearing about the district instantly thing of sleazy bars and women of the night, but the neighborhood has much more to offer. From restaurants, bars and hotels to fashion boutiques and galleries, this area is bustling with life!

The Red Light District lies between Amsterdam West and the City Centre. In the area you’ll find the Allard Pierson Museum, Museum Our Lord in the Attic, Museum of Prostitution, Erotic Museum and the Beautiful Sofitel The Grand.
Beyond Prostitution at the Red Light District
The Rosse Buurt, The Wallen or simply the Red Light District. Whatever name you give it, we all mean the same area in the city that is famous for adult entertainment.

Besides the famous red lit windows there are other great things to see such as the Nieuwmarkt, De Waag, Oude Kerk and Amsterdam’s very own China town. Several of the former prostitution windows are also transformed into exhibition spaces or boutiques of small fashion designers. De Oudezijds Armsteeg is also a sight you shouldn’t miss, here you will find six beautiful restored Delft Blue houses in a row.

Explore the area during the day and night to get some perspective on the neighborhood in different times of the day. Beware though, not everything goes! Taking pictures of the prostitutes is not allowed and this is strictly enforced.

Prostitution in the area

In Amsterdam there is a tradition of tolerance for prostitution, this tolerance shows best in the Red Light District. Behind the various windows in the area you will find the famous sex workers and adult entertainers. Besides the prostitutes you will also find a wide variety of sex shops, peep shows, and brothels.

Safety and protection goes beyond everything in the area. Local government has a proactive approach when it comes to preventing forced prostitution, police protection and frequent monitoring and testing.

With its grim reputation some visitors are hesitant to visit this area, but there is no need to avoid the Red Light District. Let Hello Amsterdam be your guide in this very special part of town!