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Amsterdam Ice Bar

The Amsterdam Ice Bar is a very popular Amsterdam attraction. And we know why, it is quite literally the coolest place in town. At a constant temperature of -10 degrees Celcius everything in this bar is made entirely out of ice and frozen to the core.


The coolest place to be

The price of the Amsterdam Ice Bar tour includes entrance to the bar and a – much needed – thermal coat to help you battle the freezing interior! Besides that, you will receive three free tokens that you can use to buy drinks at the Ice Bar. The bar itself has a “warm” area and the actual ice bar in the  back. First you can chill and listen to some music as you sip on a cold beer or enjoy your favorite cocktail. Afterward, you will be given appropriate clothing and led into the ice bar where everything, from the furniture to the walls and the art, is made entirely out of ice.  The special lighting is designed to change the appearance of the ice to every color imaginable. Part of the experience includes reliving the famous adventure of Dutch explorer Willem Barentsz, who became stranded on the island Nova Zembla in the Arctic for almost an entire year. You can order beer, shots and orange juice, all of which are served in glasses made out of ice!

Get your Amsterdam Ice Bar Tickets!

Be amazed at this remarkable feat of engineering and enjoy this unique venue as you sip on your favorite drinks from ice glasses. Book your visit to the Amsterdam Ice Bar right now for a low price! Come and visit the coolest place in town! Get your Amsterdam Ice Bar tickets today and discover one of the most amazing attractions in Amsterdam. Ice Bar tickets can be booked directly through our website for a low price.

In the neighbouhood


Amsterdam Ice Bar
Amstel 194-196, Amsterdam
+31 (0) 20 320 5700


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