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Amsterdam Museum

When you think of Amsterdam the following images will probably come to mind: the traditional boathouses, iconic architecture, beautiful canals, the bustling red-light district, famous coffeeshops and the allover great look of the city. Yes, the city has a beautiful and almost magical charm!

This is Amsterdam – Amsterdam Museum

All of those images seem so normal and natural that you may never stop to think how it ever came to be. So, how did that actually happen? For everyone who wants to know and explore the history of the city the Amsterdam Museum is a must-visit.

Knowing this, it can’t be a surprise that it is one of Amsterdam’s top attractions! The museum gives an unique insight in how the city came to be. Besides that it also has great expositions on the present and future of this busting city.

Amsterdam Museum

Current and permanent expositions at Amsterdam Museum

The Amsterdam has permanent exhibitions such as DNA, this gives a chronological overview of the cities past and the impact of world history. The 45-minute interactive presentation will teach you everything there is to know about the cities origins, expansion and how it became one of the biggest and most powerful cities in the country.

The presentation is available in several languages and there is also a version for children. The Little Orphanage exhibition is also targets children and describes the history of the museum itself. Why it is called the Orphanage? Because that is what this building used to be from 1570 to 1960. Even though it is made for children, the exposition has surprises and fun for the whole family.

Wondering about the temporary exhibitions? Please check out the ticket page or our event calendar.

Amsterdam Museum

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Amsterdam Museum
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