Editor:  De Redactie • Publication:  01 January 2018




Art = ARTIS is a creative initiative of the Artis Royal Zoo. From the 20th of April until the 26th of August you can view art all throughout the beautiful Zoo. With this they enforce their desire to be more than just a zoo, they want to be the garden of Amsterdam and an educational center. Besides these artworks they also have a photo exhibition called The State of Nature.

About Art=ARTIS

During these months young artists from MOAM have made art that fits in perfectly with the Artis heritage and esthetics. To see all of the art in the best way you can walk the Art=Artis route, that will take you along all the pieces and teach you more about the objects, the artists and their inspiration. Pair this cultural event with one of the amazing Artis ZOOmeravonden for a great summer in the city.


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