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Artis Summer Nights 2018

The Artis Summer Nights, in the zoo itself better known as ZOOmeravonden is your chance to experience the Artis Royal Zoo in a completely different setting. During these nights party animals and music monkeys all gather around to learn what the animals are up to after hours. Besides that there is live music to entertain those who are visiting these special nights.

More about the Artis Summer Nights

The special evening program of the zoo will take place on every Saturday in June, July and August. The special tours and music will start at 15:00 and the park will stay open until 22:00. You will see some animals getting ready for bed, but others wake up and start the day as soon as the sun sets. Get up close and personal with these animals as the zookeepers tell you all about their daily schedule and their secrets.

This year also comes with a special theme; the edible garden. For the fourth year in a row, the zoo is full of edible flowers and plants that zookeepers can pick and feed to the animals. Discover how these flowers and plants influence the animals and learn how to plant your own edible garden.

Planning Artis Summer Nights

2 juni Puppet, the ARTIS-gardener tells in the context of Rendez-vous aux jardin and GUS
9 juni Create buttons, tell the ARTIS biologist and Blackbird
16 juni Make buttons, the Micropia technician tells and Nina June
23 juni Puppet cabinet, the ARTIS biologist tells and Daniel von Piekartz invites Tiss Rodriquez
30 juni Play theater, ARTIS professor UvA and Dr. ir. Meraki
7 juli Making buttons, the ARTIS animal caretaker tells and The Howlin ‘
14 juli Children’s yoga, Micropia microbiologist tells and Ikarai
21 juli Children’s yoga, the ARTIS astronomer tells and Arp Frique
28 juli  Meespeeltheater, de ARTIS-dierenarts vertelt en Charl Delemarre
4 augustus Play theater, the ARTIS vet tells and Charl Delemarre
11 augustus Puppet cabinet, the ARTIS astronomer tells and Kris Berry
18 augustus Children’s yoga, the ARTIS biologist tells and Ntjam Rosie
25 augustus Puppet cabinet, the ARTIS volunteer talks about bat mitts, night of the Bat and Herman in a box of Goat’s Quark


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