Editor:  De Redactie • Publication:  01 January 2018



Artist’s Proof by Daniëlle van Ark


During the exposition Artist’s Proof by Daniëlle van Ark in Foam the role of photography plays a central role. Not just because of the medium used in the exposition, but also because the development of the art form is endlessly fascinating to the artist. It once started as something precious, but it has turned into a fleeting form of collecting images of your day.

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With the inevitable changing perception on photography, there is always someone who still sees value in the pictures that others see as reproduceable and interchangeable. Van Ark strolled along various markets trying to find old photo archives and uses these old images to create new ones.

Artists’ Proof contains her recent work, all of these images have one thing in common; the fluctuating meaning and value of the photograph as a reproducible art form. In addition to her most recent work, she also developed an special installation for FOAM that contains some of her older work.


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