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Bar Roxanne Amsterdam

Bar Roxanne in Amsterdam is a new hot spot at the Jan van Galenstraat in Amsterdam. This former cafeteria for market sales men has had a transformation and is now a place to eat, drink and dance! The place just opened in the spring of 2018 and was packed from opening night on. The “cafeteria heritage” still lives on in Bar Roxanne, the interior is styled with industrial elements that resemble the old interior. At Roxanne you can eat at the restaurant, sit down for a drink at the bar or dance the night away at one of their parties. You don’t even have to choose! Why don’t you start the night with some drinks, go for dinner with friends after and delve into the party after that.

Bar Roxanne Interior

What to expect at Bar Roxanne?

Here chef Peter Mooij and Jacob Jostmeijer (known from Café Panache and the Conservatorium Hotel) cook up a great meal for €25,- per person. For that you get a 3-course dinner made with the fresh products from the Food Center that is right next to it. All parties at Roxanne are free for everyone to enjoy (no cover fee!), so gather all your friends and check out this new hot spot.

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Bar Roxanne
Jan van Galenstraat 8, Amsterdam


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