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Bernd, Hilla and the Others in Huis Marseille

Bernd, Hilla and the others is an exposition in Huis Marseille. It is an exposition that honors the so-called Düsseldorfer Photoschule. This movement revolves around artists that learned their craft from Bernd and Hilla Becher or their successors Thomas Ruff and Andreas Gursky.

About the exposition

The movement is so iconic and successful, that you still see its influence in pictures that are taken today. A true Düssendorfer Photoschule piece usually revolves around industrial or functional architecture. Placing the object in the middle of the frame and at eye level. During the exposition you will see some iconic pictures as well as earlier, more unknown, work from Höffer, Ruff and Struth. Besides that the exposition also features recent work from upcoming artists.

In 2019 Huis Marseille celebrates its 20th anniversary. In anticipation of this celebration they organize various expositions that focus on themes from their own collection. Bernd, Hilla and the others is the first of these expositions.


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