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Best Asian Restaurants Amsterdam

Amsterdam Magazine loves to be your culinary guide, so we made a list of The Best Asian Restaurants in Amsterdam.

The city is full of all kinds of Asian cuisines, from Vietnamese to Japanese and from ramen to curry. But with that many choices comes a problem we know as indecisiveness. Which ones are actually worth the visit? Where will you get the best sushi and where are both the ambience and the service outstanding? To help you with this problem we’ve tested them all (ok, most of them…) and created a list of the best Asian restaurants in Amsterdam. So without further ado, here it is!

The 17  best Asian restaurants in Amsterdam


Ron Gastrobar Oriental

Ron Gastrobar Oriental is often mentioned when asking about the best Asian cuisine in Amsterdam. Their interesting and playful menu has many gastronomic surprises.

The daring turnaround of Ron Blaauw’s Michelin-starred restaurant into Ron Gastrobar, two years ago, has proven to be a huge success. According to Ron Blaauw, top level food does not necessarily have to entail six appetizers, four kinds of bread, seven-courses and a friandise trolley. Blaauw completely changed the top-level food concept to create an entirely different dining experience. Ron Gastrobar has an à la carte menu offering 25 dishes that cost €15 each, which can be ordered throughout the evening. The proven success of this formula has the city asking for more. Therefore, this May, Ron will be opening the Asian version of Ron Gastrobar on Kerkstraat. As with the Gastrobar, the oriental version will also serve dishes for €15 that are “tasty, good and affordable,” according to Blaauw. “There are so many sushi businesses in Amsterdam, but we are lacking a real oriental restaurant that showcases the ancient Chinese cuisine.

Taiko amsterdam best asian restaurants

Fine dining at Taiko

Van Baerlestraat 27, Amsterdam

Taiko, located in the beautiful iconic Conservatorium hotel, has a fine dining Asian inspired menu. Next to three set menu’s with dishes like Black Garlic Lobster and Korean Veal Cheek, you can also decide to order a la carte. Let the chef take you on a journey through the amazing Asian cuisine.

EN Japanese Kitchen & Sake Bar amsterdam restaurant

Sushi and Sake at EN Japanese Kitchen

EN Japanese Kitchen & Sake Bar is located near the Albert Cuyp Market. With their name meaning connection and relationship, that is exactly what they aim for at EN. Connecting and giving their customers a break from their daily activities to enjoy well balanced food and drinks. For years host Ryuji Ikemizu en Chef Ken Osawa leaded the kitchen at fine dining restaurant Yamazato located in five star hotel Okura. With their restaurant EN they deliver the same quality for a moderate price.

Their menu is based on shared dining and consists of an extensive range of small dishes and main courses. This gives you the opportunity to taste several of their different flavors. More food = more fun, if you ask us! From sushi and sashimi to grilled fish and meat. Two dishes you should definitely not miss out on when eating at EN are the Gan En Toro: Grilled Toro tuna served on Himalayan salt plate and the Nigiri Wagyu beef. Everything is just as good as it looks!

The Sake menu has over 30 different choices on there.  The host will help you choose the best sake to accompany each dish with pleasure. He explains that he’s pleased that sake has become more popular over the last few years and is passionate about getting even more people acquainted with the drink.

Tip: they serve a monthly changing seasonal menu. Choose between 3, 5 or 7 courses and let the chef surprise you with his delicious creations.

oriental city amsterdam chinese restaurant

Dim Sum and authentic Cantonese at Oriental City

The Cantonese restaurant Oriental City is situated in the heart of the city near the Red Light District and is known (and has for years) for their Dim Sum lunch. Nothing fancy and definitely not hip but the flavors here are what counts.

Their menu offers a large selection traditional Cantonese and spicy Szechuan dishes. Think of deliciously prepared fish and crab fried stirs and roasted Peking duck. Dim Sum fan? Oriental City is often mentioned as the best spot for Dim Sum in Amsterdam. The small dishes that are characteristic for Dim Sum are prepared by chefs from Hong Kong, using authentic ingredients. Some favorites are the steamed Shrimp Dumplings, Cheung Fan with minced beef and Siu Mai with pork.

On all days it’s crowded with Chinese people, which is a good sign if you ask us. Saturdays are busiest, with the possibility that you’ll have to wait in line before being seated. Don’t hesitate to do so though, eating at Oriental City is definitely worth the few extra minutes of your time!


The flavors of Vietnam at Saigon Caphe

Saigon Caphe is known for its deeply flavored pho, a Vietnamese rice noodle soup served with beef, sauces and fresh herbs. But apart from the pho there’s more to try here. They have a large selection of tasty street food like grilled satay, spring rolls or rice pancakes and some fresh Vietnamese inspired cocktails. With plenty of light options and a few heartier meals too, Saigon Caphe is a perfect mid- or after shopping spot. Enjoy the flavors of Vietnam at one of their three locations in town.

izakaya wagyu beef restaurant asian kitchen bar

Izakaya: Japanese with a South American touch

Izakaya is known as one of the best spots in Amsterdam for both their Japanese cuisine as their cocktails. A perfect combination if you ask us. This fine dining restaurant is located in De Pijp area and promises a perfect night out. The asian food dishes they serve have a South American touch, which makes it an exciting culinary experience. Definitely try their Beef Tataki and  the Grilled Unagi. The Sashimi they serve is as fresh as can be and will melt on your tongue. It’s that good!

asian food at Ron Gastro Bar Indonesia

Traditional rice tables at Ron Gastrobar Indonesia

Amstelzijde 51, Amsterdam

Another concept from chef Ron Blaauw is Ron Gastrobar Indonesia. It’s located just outside of the city but definitely worth the trip down there. The menu is Indonesian with a twist, from Balinese street food to a full on traditional rice table. The chef learned his skills from his mother, so you can expect it to be authentic Indonesian. This is a gastronomical experience you won’t forget.

vatten ramen amsterdam asian food restaurant

The best Ramen in town at Vattenramen

Vatten Ramen is an authentic ramen restaurant in Amsterdam Canal Belt. Here you can warm up with a hot and steamy bowl of ramen. Ramen is one of the most popular dishes in Japan. You will be amazed by the delicious taste of this soup. The chef of Vatten Ramen turns the dish into more than just a simple noodle soup, since the restaurant is the project of Japanese Michelin chef Hideto Kawahara. He opened his first ramen restaurant in Japan in 1993. After that he left for New York where he opened two more restaurants. In 2013 his ramen restaurants in New York where added to the Michelin guide.

So, what are you waiting for? Go over to the Kerkstraat 148 for the best bowl of ramen in town. Hideto Kawahara has also opened a new pop-up restaurant at the Zeedijk 18. Besides ramen they also serve other tasty Japanese dishes. Vatten Ramen is the perfect place to fuel your day in the city!

Thai food at its best at Bird

Bird is one of those places that has become a household name in Amsterdam when it comes to Thai food. This restaurant has been located in the Red Light District for over 20 years now and is known to be busy at all times. They thank this to the food being well priced and incredibly tasty every time you go there. Nothing fancy but if you’re looking for authentic Thai dishes like Pad Thai and Tom Ka Kai, this is one not to miss.

happyhappyjoyjoy best asian food restaurant amsterdam

Brighten up your day at HappyHappyJoyJoy

The name and bright interior of HappyHappyJoyJoy alone will put a smile on your face. Because of its huge success this asian restaurant opened their fourth location in Amsterdam in 2018. Discover an exciting mix of sweet, sour, salt and bitter flavors. Their extensive menu is a collection of street food dishes from different of Asian cultures. It will be hard to choose, so here are some of  our favorites: #11 Steamed Dumpling with Shrimps, #23 Peking Duck Bao Bun and #70 Stirred chicken with cashew and oyster sauce. Enjoy!

kyoto sushi amsterdam central station

A Gem on Amsterdam Central Station: Kyoto sushi

The latest location of Kyoto Sushi is situated in the IJ-hal of Amsterdam Centraal Station. The restaurant offers Japanese grill dishes, sushi and sashimi, based on the original recipes of chef Kenji Osone, who is originally from Tokyo. Kyoto Sushi brings Japanese food to the people of Amsterdam since 1966. The chef does his best to serve delicious food like sushi, sashimi and food from the grill every single day.

The quality of the food at Kyoto Sushi CS is really amazing. So you might think it’s quite expensive. But this is not the case. You can enjoy well-priced specials, such as the ‘Salmon Don’, which is a sushi bowl with sashimi, sushi rice and soup. And how about the ‘Yakitori Set’. This meal consists of three skewers of chicken, salad and rice. These meals are less than 10 euros. This proves that delicious and healthy Japanese food doesn’t have to be expensive when you go to Kyoto Sushi.

New King Amsterdam Asian Restaurant

New King: a favorite amongst locals

Zeedijk 115, Amsterdam

New King is a locals favorite. It’s not hip and certainly not new but if  you’re looking for authentic Chinese food, this is where you should go. The dishes they serve are as tasty as they are affordable.  Don’t be scared off if there’s a line outside. Most of the time they’re pretty fast and the food is definitely worth the wait.

O Mai Best Asian Restaurant Amsterdam

Traditional Vietnamese at Ô Mai

Utrechtsestraat 12, Amsterdam

Located near Rembrandt Square you will find Ô Mai, a small restaurant serving surprisingly delicious lunch and dinner. Their typical Vietnamese dishes are finger licking good! Tip: try the chicken & prawn spring rolls served with three sauces and the Hủ Tiếu Nam Vang, a noodle soup with shrimps, quail egg and sauteed ground pork.

Cafe Amoi

Dinner with Cocktails at Café Amoi

Kinkerstraat 53, Amsterdam

This Indonesian restaurant Café AMOI serves lesser-known Indonesian meals, Oriental snacks and also some great cocktails. We highly recommend this place for those who want to try authentic, but different than the well-known dishes. And don’t forget to try their cocktails, garnished with aromatic Indonesian spices such as cloves, cardamom and ginger.

Zushi Asian Restaurant

The rotating bar at Zushi

Amstel 20, Amsterdam

Sushi lovers this one is for you! On the menu at Zushi you will find a complete assortment of sushi, warm dishes and specials that all come by on the rotating sushi line. They serve 24-hour marinated salmon, the softest Waygu beef and sushi like you’ve never tasted before.

Indian food asian shahjahan

Traditional Indian at Shahjahan

Shahjahan is an Indian restaurant in the heart of Amsterdam. It also has a special place in the hearts of many Amsterdammers. The authentic and aromatic Indian food at Shahjahan is absolutely delicious and makes every visit an everlasting experience for the visitors. The chef and staff always want to give their guests an unforgettable experience, whether you are a first time or a repeat customer.

The chef of Shahjahan has compiled a wonderful Indian menu with very diverse meals. The great combinations of traditional spices and herbs are presented beautifully in all the dishes. It’s a feast for the eye and the mouth. And don’t worry about how spicy the meals are. The guests can decide how spicy they want their dish. The chef will always make it the way you want it. And are you up for a surprise? Of course that’s also possible. The chef will make you an outstanding surprise dinner. You will have a great dining experience at Shahjahan

Dim Sum Thing

It’s a Dim Sum Thing

Bellamyplein 51, Amsterdam

The Foodhallen is packed of stalls serving dishes from all kinds of International cuisines. One of our favorites stalls is Dim Sum Thing, bringing traditional Dim Sum to Amsterdam. Treat yourself to tasty deep-fried curry samosas or ginger packages and find yourself a table in the always vibrant food hall.

Other Asian Restaurants worth mentioning

These are our favorite Asian restaurants in Amsterdam, but that doesn’t mean that other restaurants aren’t any good. Below you will find a couple of Asian Restaurants in Amsterdam that get an honorable mention on this list because they serve amazing asian food dishes! Also check out our best japanese restaurants list


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