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Best Burgers in Amsterdam

Who doesn’t love a juicy burger. From a gourmet burger to a fast food snack, the burger is the most popular sandwich in the world! Amsterdam is full of great restaurants to grab one, but which one is the best?

The Best Burgers in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Magazine has got you covered! It was a tough job, testing all those delicious buns, but someone had to do it! And now all that hard work has paid off, this is our list of The Best Burgers in Amsterdam.

Ellis Gourmet Burger

Ellis Gourmet Burger

At Ellis Gourmet they serve burgers on a beautiful terrace at the Prinsengracht. Freshly baked buns, refined toppings, and unique preparations as well as the restaurant’s contemporary look and presentation are the secrets of its success. When visiting the restaurant you must try the Ellis Special 2.0 with 100% beef, cheddar, smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato, red union, pickles and the Ellis special sauce. The meat is red and bloody, so if you are not into that specify that in your order. For vegetarians they have some awesome options too, we’d suggest the Crazy Red Veggie.

The Butcher

Burger Restaurant The Butcher

At the Butcher they serve burgers at the famous Albert Cuyp Market, the restaurant is part of a chain that serves burgers in Berlin and Ibiza. Their burgers are a phenomenon in Amsterdam, with fresh ingredients, great spices and a crispy bite. Yum!

Burger Zaken

Burger Zaken

This restaurant might seem like just another fast food bar in the Red Light District, but Burgerzaken’s offerings are quite out of the ordinary. Choose from among five very tasty meats (Blonde Aquitine Beef, Angus, Wagyu, Texels Lamb, or Chicken) or a vegetarian burger and add a few of their many tasty toppings. How good your burger is depends on how well you combine the ingredients of course, but the meat is juicy and the ingredients crispy and fresh. You can build the burger of your dreams right here until 3 in the morning.

Ter Marsch & Co

Ter Marsch & Co

Ter Marsch & Co might be the winner (in hour humble opinion) of the burger competition. It is the perfect dinner with a well-balanced sauce, top notch ingredients and well-seasoned meat that is grilled just long enough. The bun is even a perfect shape, ensuring a great burger/bun ratio. Must order is the Burgeresse, fresh cuts of Wagyu and Angus beef form the base of the prizewinning burger, complemented with truffle glazing, Spanish onion pancetta and a special secret sauce.


Geflipt burgers

Fresh ingredients, the best meat, hand-baked buns and the most delicious sauces in an unprecedented atmosphere of Amsterdam. Geflipt is the burger restaurant of choice in Amsterdam West or at the end of the Albert Cuypstraat. Their burgers might seem on the small side, but they are great in taste! And the size, well they are actually a perfect bite that give you a great burger, bun and topping ratio. Ensuring a great experience up until the very last bite!

Thrill Grill

Thrill Grill Amsterdam

At Thrill Grill they order burgers that actually fit in your mouth, a real problem at some other burger bars in town. That doesn’t mean that this burger is “small” or “bad” though, the burgers are high quality with a hint of charcoal and a sturdy bite. A true gourmet burger at the restaurant from famous chef Robert Kranenborg.

Vegan Junk Food Bar

The Vegan Junk Food Bar

Who says a good burger has to be made of meat? At the Vegan Junk Food Bar they have burgers that would win the battle with a meaty burger any day of the week. The Notorius Sumo is topped with (vegan) cheddar, fried onion rings, spring & fried onion mix, pickles, jalapeños and their special sauce. Sounds like a mouth full? Well that is exactly what it is, you can’t eat this thing while staying classy and pretty but it is worth it!

Burger Bitch

Burger Bitch

Burger bitch restaurant might not have a stellar location, right next to the Amsterdam ArenA, but don’t hold that against them. Their burgers have a perfect taste balance. With lots of fresh and crispy lettuce and unions, bacon and melted cheese this is the perfect burger to start or end your evening at the Ziggo Dome or Amsterdam ArenA.



The Burgermeester is the mayor of burger town. They have been serving great burgers in the city long before burger bars where popping up all over the city. The meat is well-seasoned with spices we haven’t tasted anywhere else in the city. Besides that they use a tangy mustard in their sauce, giving the burgers some depth and the toppings are crispy and fresh. Just a great burger all around. The only downside? The seasoning might not be for everyone, but it is seriously worth a try for everyone who is on the hunt for the best burgers in town.


Burgerlijk Burger Bar

At Burgerlijk they’ve adapted the burger bar concept, you can design the burger you desire. Choose a burger (chicken, beef or vegetarian), dress it up with cheese, eggs, bacon and other toppings, pick your sauces and walk out with a burger you can be proud of. How good the burger is depends, once again, on your own assembly skills. But the basis is very good! Here they dare to take risks, I mean who would dream of combining ketchup with cinnamon (its good!) and the 9 straatjes location is all about the burger, not about sitting comfortably. The burgers and the ingredients are very fresh and their home-made fries are definitely worth a try!


Ysbreeker burgers

Ysbreeker is a real Amsterdam Oost landmark is known for its rich history, its gorgeous river-side terrace and its dependably delicious food. Believing that you should be able to taste quality on your plate, Chef Goran Lukovic uses only honest, sustainably sourced ingredients from the best local suppliers to give a modern twist to classic French brasserie basics. So, for example, the hamburgers here are made with free range meat from Baamburg. It’s a vibrant place to while away an afternoon or spend a cosy evening.


Biergrill restaurant

Situated in up-and-coming BoLo (that’s Bos en Lommer on your map), where Amsterdam’s young, hip and hungry live these days, De Biergrill is making a name for itself with “damn tasty burgers”, like its Black Angus Beef Burger, which “is spiced up with secret spices” and “unlike any burger you’ve ever tasted before”. There’s also a big screen for football matches, and games, great music and plenty of craft beer to wash all that grilled goodness down because the “best things in life are the simplest”.

Other places with burgers worth mentioning

So, there you have it… The ten best burger places in town! But we’ve come across a lot more juicy and tasty burgers during our tests, so if you want to try something else these restaurants are also really worth a visit!


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