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Big Art at the Bijlmerbajes

The Bijlmerbajes is a former prison turned cultural event location. During Big Art from 11 to 14 October, the impressive building will turn into an exhibition showcasing over 80 XL artworks of contemporary artists and designers. Expect a unique mix of monumental paintings and large sculptures by both acclaimed names and emerging talent. All pieces on the show are for sale as well.

big art bijlmerbajes amsterdam

This will be one of events taking place at the iconic Bijlmerbajes since they are planning to break down the building. It will make place for a new residential area: the Bajes Kwartier. Planning is to use materials from the old prison for the rebuilding of the area. The bridges that will be connecting the area with the city, for example, will be made from old cell doors. How cool is that!

bijlmerbajes amsterdam

Have a look on the Big Art website for the full overview of participating artists. Tickets are available at the Bijlmerbajes: H.J.E. Wenckebachweg 48.




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