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Breakfast, lunch, bites, coffee, dinner, drinks, more drinks and some dancing (if you like to). It’s all possible at Bar Boca’s, a spot with locations in two of the best neighborhoods in Amsterdam: De Jordaan and De Pijp.  Both are local favorites for a refuel in between shopping, a quick bite before heading out or a full night of dinner and cocktails with friends.

bar boca's pijp amsterdam restaurant

Boca’s by day

The choices. During the day Boca’s offers a selection of small dishes with loads of meat, fish and vegetarian options. A few recommendations are the Queso Iberico with fig compote, Lamb merguez with tzatziki and the Prawn croquettes with lemon-wasabi mayonnaise. All served on small bread rolls from the oven. An average of 4 dishes should be enough to satisfy your appetite, but don’t hesitate to order again if you’re still craving more.

bar boca's amsterdam shared dining platter

Boca’s by night

The dinner menu at Bar Boca’s is based on shared dining, giving you the opportunity to pick between a huge selection of tasty small dishes and mixed platters. More food = more fun! The Meat, Fish, Cheese and Vegetarian platters come in three sizes. Or ask for a combination if you want it all. Bites worth mentioning are the Dates with Blue Cheese and a mini Hamburger with Foie Gras. Oh, and don’t forget to order the Three types of Fries (with three types of mayonnaises) to go with that. It’s an absolute favorite. After dinner the ever so friendly staff will get the party s

In the neighbouhood


Sarphatipark 4, Amsterdam


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