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Boom Chicago

Boom Chicago is an awesome live stand-up comedy venue right in the Jordaan. There is always something new going on: new shows, new actors, new parties or new projects. One thing stays the same though, a fun filled night full of great comedy.

English Stand-up Comedy at Boom Chicago

Their English language shows appeal to internationally-minded Dutch people, the expat community and tourists in for a laugh that are visiting the city. The actual themes might vary but you can count on topics that touch base with what is going on in the world right now. On Saturday evening the shows are always 100% English, for other up to date information on other nights we would like to direct you to the schedule on their own website.

Boom Chicago is your fun-filled night of Comedy in Amsterdam. Explore the Jordaan with its cute concept stores, art galleries and restaurants by day and come in here for drinks and entertainment at night!

In the neighbouhood


Boom Chicago
Rozengracht 117, Amsterdam


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