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Boris Chouvellon & Mengzhi Zheng at the Merchant House

Boris Chouvellon & Mengzhi Zhen have a new exposition in the Merchant House named Making Things Happen: Young Artists in Dialogue III. With this collaboration the Making Things Happen expositions come to an end. It is the third collaboration of young French artists that share geography, art education, and attitude to their craft.

More about Making Things Happen with Boris Chouvellon & Mengzhi Zheng

During this edition of Making Things Happen, the artwork is surprisingly literal and disruptive. Both artists work is sculptural but blurs the distinction between image and construct. Both artists work with urban references and impulses that we all have as an urbanized species. The exposition has an interesting layout that challenges its visitors. Is there a connection and if so, how do all the sculptures connect?

About the artists

Boris Chouvellon(1980), began gaining recognition after his studies. Directly after graduating he started showing his work regularly, was named Lauréat du Patio of the Maison Rouge in Parijs (2015) and has had important museum residencies ever since. His work consists mostly of waste and decay from work and leisure. Combining sculptural work with video and photography.

Mengzhi Zheng(1983), already had a breakthrough as an artists during his studies. His work has been showed in solo and curated shows including the biennales of Lyon, 2015, and Orléans, Architecture 2018. His main oeuvre consists of mostly wall mounted scale models that have a weightless feel to them.

In the neighbouhood


The Merchant House
Herengracht 254, Amsterdam


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