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Café Plan West

Café Plan West is a bar for everyone! Here you can sit down with a beer and watch life go by. You can order healthy (and not so healthy) food to enjoy for lunch or dinner and you can go for a cup of coffee with one of your friends to catch up. Sounds like any other bar right? Well, yes! But Café Plan West is not like every other bar  because they also have a karaoke set in their basement! This means that you can belt out your best ballads or try your hand at a rap battle with one of your friends or a group of random strangers! Don’t forget to book the room though, karaoke is a private room event here, so it isn’t as embarrassing as a full blown karaoke bar!

Lets talk about food at Café Plan West

Singing makes you hungry, luckily there is enough to eat at Café Plan West. As mentioned before there are healthy and less healthy options on the menu. Health freaks can go for one of their healthy bowls, avocado toast or smoked salmon. If you are in the middle of a snack attack you can order fries, nachos, burgers or eggs Benedict!

In the neighbouhood


Café Plan West
Witte de Withstraat 188, Amsterdam


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