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Cafe Remouillage

Cafe Remouillage is one of those places that has such a passionate owner that that alone is almost enough to make everything taste amazing. In May 2018 he wanted to open so badly that he just did it, even though the place wasn’t “finished” yet. Nobody cared though, because the food and atmosphere is great. Once again proof that taste and ambiance can’t be bought, it is in the food and people that prepare it.

What to expect at Café Remouillage

There are a lot of tables for two, one table for five to six people and one food bar that serves as somewhat as a chefs table. Here dishes will get their final touches right in front of your nose. The chef, Jonathan Sparber, wants to have a walk in concept so no need to make reservations. Just pop by and see if he has a table for you!

The food is just as no-nonsense as the chef himself. Only the best ingredients and less is more! He wants a no waste kitchen, this means that all the ingredients will be used in total where that is possible. Think of chicken that he will use for the meat, but also to make a chicken bouillon. The dishes themselves are small, you have to order a couple things for a full meal. That is pretty great though, because everything on their menu sounds delicious!

In the neighbouhood


Cafe Remouillage
Trompenburgstraat 111, Amsterdam


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