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Chi Sushi & Bites

Chi Sushi & Bites is the Chinese and Japanese fusion restaurant at the Amstelveenseweg in Amsterdam. Here they know how to combine these two kitchens in a tongue tingling culinary sensation. The restaurant is owned by two brothers and they serve Japanese sushi with Chinese spices and sauces. Not your traditional sushi, but it is damn tasty! Besides sushi and other bites they also serve some great gin tonics to get your evening started!

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What to order at Chi Sushi & Bites

Start with the silence of the duck, a sushi roll with their home-made(!!) Peking Duck, it is truly delicious. The salmon is soft, the fish is fresh and the sushi rolls have surprising but tasty flavors. But there is more than just sushi, they also have “bites”.  These come in the form of various Dim Sum and, obviously, their own Pecking Duck is also on the menu as a bite.

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Chi Sushi & Bites
Amstelveenseweg 128, Amsterdam


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