Editor:  De Redactie • Publication:  01 January 2018



Christian Voigt in Wanrooij Gallery


Christian Voigt takes pictures that are better known as a window to the world. He is famous for his large format photos that make stepping into the picture that much easier. His latest work, Everest, will be on display at the Wanrooij Gallery.

About the artist and the exhibition

Christian Voigt takes the perfect picture by taking several photo’s with different exposures. By combining these images he creates a new, vibrant reality that sucks in everyone who lays their eyes upon the picture.

He travels from one challenge to another. From the busy streets in Hanoi, to the blistering desert of the Emirates, and to the rice fields in Bali. For his most recent project, he raised the bar to the ultimate height: “Mount Everest”. The sky is the limit! He climbed the mother of all mountains to capture the dazzling view at a height of 5800 meters, just above basecamp. He spent hours there with his technical camera.


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