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Coffee Workshop at Coffee Company

Have you ever wondered what a barista does all day besides making beautiful latte art? Than this is your go to attraction.  Discover the tricks of their trade and differences between the various coffee beans at the Coffee Workshop.

Coffee Workshop in Amsterdam

During this official coffee workshop (cupping) you will discover the difference between Arabica and Robusta. With a professional at your side you will learn through tasting and trying how to make the perfect cup of coffee on the espresso machine and an Aeropress. After this workshop you will know exactly what a (good) barista knows and does. And who knows… you might be able to pour yourself a steaming cup of coffee with a heart!

Visit the Coffee Company website for tickets and more information or email them at shop@coffeecompany.nl.

In the neighbouhood


Coffee Company Branderij
Zeeburgerpad 13, Amsterdam


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