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Croque Madame

Croque Madame in Amsterdam is not just a tasty toasted sandwich. Obviously Croque Madame serves these classics, but the charming breakfast and lunchroom in the middle of the Red Light District has more to offer! Here they serve all kinds of daring combinations to spice up the traditional toasty. What makes the place extra special are the dips. Ketchup or mayo is for amateurs, here they have their own sauces and mayonnaise that pair perfectly with their sandwiches. Go here hungry, because we are sure that you want to try more than one option.

What to order at Croque Madame in Amsterdam

You can go for a traditional croque madame, but we suggest you order something more adventurous. The Tosti Pastrami or Goatcheese are definetly worth the wait and the homemade mayo that is being served with the Tosti Caprese is a bit of perfection in a sandwich.

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Croque Madame
Sint Annendwarsstraat 24A, Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 - 2213656


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