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Dancing with the Enemy

Dancing with the enemy is the newest exposition of the Dutch resistance museum. The story told in this exposition is based on the homonymous book by Paul Glaser. The exposition tells a gripping story and gives an unique insight into the war and how people cope during harsh times.

Rosie Glaser is Dancing with the Enemy

During this exposition you will learn about Rosie Glaser. She is an emancipated, beautiful, sporty, unconventional, intelligent and ambitious woman. She loved to dance and during WOII she ran a famous dance school. As a non-practicing Jewish woman she wasn’t caught by the Germans directly but after being betrayed she was sent to a series of concentration camps such as  Vught, Westerbork and Auschwitz. She survives by dancing and even gives dancing lessons to some camp guards.

In this exhibition, the visitor experiences the impressive story of Rosie through many photographs and films she made before and after the war.

Do you want to know more about the Netherlands during World War 2? Visit the Jewish Historical Quarter or the Anne Frankhuis and learn more about these dark times for the country.


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