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De Tuin van Bret

De Tuin van Bret (Bret’s Garden in Dutch) is a green oasis in the concrete jungle otherwise known as Amsterdam. This beautiful location in Amsterdam Sloterdijk is the perfect getaway to a green oasis. This initiative comes from a few local entrepreneurs that wanted to create a space to inspire, but with minimal to no impact. This is why the Tuin van Bret is sustainable and has circulair innovation as one of their focus point. Here they truly have passion for the future and they want to share this with everyone who visits.

De Tuin van Bret is the example of a new economy; not driven by money but a passion to realize beautiful, high-quality and sustainable things. An inspiration for others with which they show that everyone can change the world around them.

Tuin van bret garden

The history of De Tuin van Bret

In addition to De tuin van Bret, you will also find the previously built Bret pavilion, also known at BRET.BAR. This is built entirely from recycled materials: sea containers from the port, glass and insulation of a housing corporation, wood from a station platform, the kitchen from a beach pavilion and the construction is carried by trees from the nearby nature reserve “De Bretten”. This pavilion was the start of the passion project that is now De Tuin van Bret, a place where you find sustainable innovation and Circular building and housing.


Zomertuin van Bret business De Tuin van Bret Atmosphere

De zomertuin van Bret, a summer garden festival in Amsterdam

At the Tuin van Bret they have some great events in store this summer. On the 11th, 12th, 18th and 19th of August you can drink, dance and dream in the Zomertuin van Bret (Zomertuin means summer garden in Dutch). This is a minimal impact festival, stimulating visitors to not waste energie and materials. Think of rinsing your cup and order a new drink in the same cup instead of getting a new one with every drink you order.

During the festival you can enjoy tunes by Dekmantel Soundsystem, Eefje de Visser, Gallowstreet and Tom Trago + Young Marco.

In the neighbouhood


Tuin van Bret
Orlyplein 76, Amsterdam


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