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Located in a historic vocational school in Oud­West built in the 1920s Amsterdam School style, Edel has a huge terrace on the canal. It’s a great option if you are bringing along a large group. Edel recently revamped their menu so be sure to go hungry and enjoy lunch or dinner there. Edel is an excellent location for patio lovers or friends on a sunny day. Perfect for lunch, dinner or drinks.

Lokaal Edel – the restaurant

Lokaal Edel aims to connect people. That’s why you won’t find standard main courses on their menu, instead they offer a table full of beautiful smaller dishes to share. Food Director Jonathan Karpathios connects local suppliers, the best ingredients and pure tastes. Every plate is a masterpiece with pure & delicious food of the best possible quality.

Besides that they encourage you to connect with other visitors in the laid-back atmosphere of the restaurant. Who knows, you might find someone to share even more dishes with. Believe us, you want to try everything on the menu!

The menu at Edel

Lokaal Edel has a good and affordable menu that is changed every three months. They are also very open to suggestions, do you know of a way to make one of the existing dishes even better (or just different) let them know! They truly encourage the community to come together and improve the menu!

In the neighbouhood


Het Sieraad
Postjesweg 1, Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 799 50 00


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