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Escape Through Time

Escape Through Time brings you a secret, local laboratory, where scientists made a major breakthrough: Time travel! They need a group of heroes who are ready for an exciting mission. Travel back in time (quite an impressive special effect) and meet up with the Dutch resistance. Find a hidden painting and return to the present without changing the past. This is one of the best escape rooms in the world; no other escape room combines theme, story, live actors, music and effects like they do. Escape Through Time can be played by 1-5 people who are never mixed with strangers. There is no question if you will escape. “Everyone completes the story and gets to the thrilling finale,” explains Director Andrew Moskos. “You don’t leave a great movie before the end, do you?” Escape Through Time is a product from the creative minds of Boom Chicago.

In the neighbouhood


Escape Through Time
Utrechtsedwarsstraat 17, Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 217 04 00


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