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Exhibition: More Oude Kerk

From 5 October on De Oude Kerk (The Old Church) will present long-hidden treasures with their new exhibition More Oude Kerk. Seven historical side rooms that were closed off will now be open to visit. With this the oldest building in Amsterdam is revealing its secrets and hidden stories.

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In 2016 research was done into the paintings and objects in the Oude Kerk. The discovery they made was that many of the hidden artifacts were well worth showing. The exhibition showcases historical and contemporary art from both Oude Kerk collection pieces as well as international masterpieces on loan.

more oude kerk museum amsterdam

More space and more art at the Oude Kerk

The opening of the side rooms provides the Oude Kerk with 155 m2 of extra exhibition space. The Collegekamer showcases a medieval silver, 1-m-high monstrance dating back to 1549. This is an original piece from the Oude Kerk from it’s Catholic times. The new arrangement of the collection provides visitors with the opportunity to discover more about the history of the church and to view works of art in their original spaces. Their upgraded audio tour will guide visitors who are interested in more in-depth information, along the artworks.


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