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Exhibition: Rembrandt’s Social Network

2019 marks the year of the National celebration of the world famous painter Rembrandt van Rijn, 350 years after his death. All throughout the country special activities and exhibitions will be hosted dedicated to the old master. The Rembrandt House, van Rijn’s old home turned museum, will open their exhibition Rembrandt’s Social Network on 1 February 2019. Nowhere will you get closer to the artist and his work than here!

Rembrandt huis

Rembrandt’s Social Network will showcase a number of artworks focused on the artists relationships and the role they had in his work and life. He was an active man with a big social network and partly because of them he was able to become the genius he was.

A few key figures in his life were his old friend Jan Lievens, his savior Abraham Francen and of course his wife and her family, the Uylenburghs. The works include rarely seen paintings, drawings and prints, giving an intimate look into his private life.


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