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Explosiegevaar in the Resistance Museum

Explosiegevaar ( Explosion danger in English) in the Restistance Museum is the story of the attack on the Amsterdam population register.

The Story of the Attack

This took place on the 27th of March, 1943 when a group of artists and students dressed up as detectives and police officers. With their disguises they manage to enter the Amsterdam population register. They take over the guards, tie them up and lay them in the garden of the Artis Royal Zoo. After they took all the information out of the file cabinets and threw it on the floor, after two hours they leave the building and place a little sign on the building that reads “Explosiegevaar”.

About the exposition Explosiegevaar in the Resistance Museum

During the exposition they want you to ask yourself questions such as “how do you plan such an attack”, “Would you risk your own life?”, “Who would you trust” and “is it okay when people die in such attacks”. The powerful graphics that tell the story of this attack are drawn by  Robbert Gerards and also available as a graphic novel.


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