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Fashion Cities Africa

The Tropen museum presents Fashion Cities Africa, an exhibition in which it explores “African Fashion” and the urban fashion scene. Officially there is no such thing as African fashion, in the continent there are several sub-cultures and urban fashion scenes that go from streetwear to haute couture. Fashion here is as much a statement as it is on the streets of Paris or New York. Even more so, your roots determine fashion in a way that is unknown to us. All cities and districts have their own styles and fashion rules, creating a very interesting fashion landscape. Discover this new world of fashion at The Tropenmuseum.


Fashion Through The Eyes of Influencers

During this exhibition bloggers, models, photographers and designers will take you through the African fashion landscape. They all have their own take on what fashion is and they will show you the vast diversity on the continent.  The brother and sister team behind 2ManySiblings, for example, takes us to the market in Nairobi where they buy second-hand designer clothes in order to restyle them. The exhibition also includes creations by The Sartists (Johannesburg), Said Mahrouf (Casablanca) and the Maki Oh fashion label (Lagos), which is favoured by celebrities such as Beyoncé and Michelle Obama. Besides that the museum shows Dutch designers that are heavily influenced by their African roots. They will share their inspiration, methods and designs with visitors.


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