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Fashion From My Eyes

Fashion From My Eyes by Deniz Fehmi at VondelCS is an exposition where the world of fashion and art come together in one place. Deniz Fehmi is a graphics designer and illustrator with a huge passion for the Middle East. During this exposition he shares his interpretation of fashion through captivating illustrations.

About the Artist

Deniz Fehmi was an art student but quit his studies because he felt limited by the walls of the art academy. On a quest for inspiration he started travelling to the US and Istanbul. He fell in love with the busy streets of Istanbul that are a melting pot of cultures. In his work, Deniz plays with suggestive line art and color, the rest is up to your imagination because minimalism is what makes him tick. This makes for an interesting exposition that is definitely worth a visit.

VondelCS is located in the beautiful Vondelpark in the same building als café/restaurant Vondelpark3, a visit to this exposition can be combined with a visit to the Museum Quarter.

In the neighbouhood


Vondelpark 3, Amsterdam


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