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Fryslân in Mokum

Fryslân in Mokum is an collaboration between two galeries in the 9 Straatjes district. The Dutch Accent Gallery, owned by Ton Verdegaal,  and KunstHaar galery and hairdresser, owned by Jitse de Vries, are only 12 meters apart and they share one vision for the shopping area. So, a collaboration seemed inevitable.

With work from over 10 artists The Dutch Accent gallery needed space to have host solo expositions. That is where de Vries came in. Both him and Verdegaal want to fill the 9 straatjes district with beautiful art. So, it felt only natural to offer up some of the space KunstHaar had, for the space The Dutch Accent Gallery needed.

Fryslân in Mokum by Dinie Boogaart

Fryslân in Mokum is an exposition full of oil paintings by Dinie Boogaart, a Dutch painter with roots in Friesland. Her work is characterized by powerful, clear shapes and an expressive use of color. As a painter she is too talented and versatile to limit herself to one specialism. But Friesland and it’s beautiful landscapes is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Her paintings are an accessible form of art that can be enjoyed by a wide variety of art lovers.

In the neighbouhood


KunstHaar gallery & hairdresser
Berenstraat 21, Amsterdam


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