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FuLu Mandarijn

If you are looking for an Chinese fine dining experience, Fulu Mandarijn is the place to be. This spot located in the heart of city has been serving the best of the Sichuan cuisine for over 40 years now. The chefs combine locally sourced ingredients to ensure freshness with traditional imported spices to create authentic flavors and textures. Their beverage menu brings the glamour of China to Amsterdam with amazing cocktails using Dutch spirits and Asian elements.

fulu mandarijn amsterdam

Sichuan Kitchen at FuLu Mandarijn

The Sichuan kitchen, originating from the Southwest of China, is a favorite across China and all around the world. The cooking methods and use of the Sichuan pepper ensure deep rich flavors. Some dishes are known to be very spicy but there are enough other flavors if you don’t handle the heat very well.


On the menu you’ll find a huge selection of tasty dishes and a few set menu’s if you find it hard to choose. Definitely try out one of their Crab dishes, the Deep Fried Seabass with spicy salty chili bean sauce and the Cha Sieuw Roasted Pork. The authentic tastes, combined with warm hospitality make FuLu Mandarijn a perfect spot for a complete night out!

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FuLu Mandarijn
Rokin 26, Amsterdam


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