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Funky Vegan Food Festival 2018

On the 14th of July it is time for the Funky Vegan Food Festival 2018! During this festival Dok Amsterdam will be turned in to every vegans dream. Vegan food, jewelry and other knickknacks are for sale while you dance at some amazing tunes. The festival is also open for people that are curious about the vegan lifestyle, or non-vegans that want to try some amazing food!

Food trucks en pop-up restaurants at Funky Vegan Food Festival

When you think of vegan food, do only boring vegetable dishes come to mind? Think again! Vegan food is as varied as non-vegan food. Discover the great vegan options at one of these food trucks and pop-up restaurants:

The Dutch Weed Burger

Tante Tofu

Aj. Bakery



Punk Dog


Heavenly Cupcakes

Oriental Greek House

Hetty’s pancakes


Bali bites

Cindy’s Vegan wine and cheese

Info booths

Want to know more about the vegan way of life? During the festival you can gather more information about a vegan lifestyle and how you can implement this in your own life. Not sure if vegan is for you? The people at the information booths below can help you taking your first steps.

Vegan Today


Vegan Netherlands

Live music

What is a festival without music? The Funky Vegan Food Festival also has some great tunes for you!

14.00 Sweat Hearts (accoustic)

16.00 Octave P (Funk)

18.00 Phil Watkis (Reggae)

20.00 Venus Tunes (Soul)

Besides that, local DJ’s Isla Bonita, Don Gideon, Naas Mea and Roog have some great beats to spice up your day.


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