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Haesje Claes

Haesje Claes is famous for their delicious lunch and dinner served in a traditional Dutch setting. The restaurants serves ‘Canapés to Caviar’ and is well known for it’s Dutch classics: asparagus salad and marinated salmon, blinis, sour cream and 10 grams of Dutch Anna Gold Caviar. Located in the historical center of Amsterdam, between the Spui and the Dam square, across from the Amsterdam Museum, this restaurant occupies six, epic buildings, in which the original architectural features such as little steps, corridors and hallways all have been preserved. All chambers are breathing a century old ambiance, perfectly suited for a comfortable and casual lunch or dinner.

haesje claes amsterdam

Haesje Claes in Amsterdam

Haesje Claes is a typical, authentic Dutch restaurant in Amsterdam. The restaurant is situated in the Spuibuurt (City Centre), between the Spui Plein and Dam Square. André Duyves opened Haesje Claes as a small lunchroom which, until this day, is still known for the famous “meatballs with pepper sauce and brown bean soup”.

The restaurant once began as a small restaurant, only occupying a small monumental building. Now the restaurant is spread out over six buildings, making it a big, restaurant experience.

Besides the great food, this restaurant is also known for its great design and decor. The restaurant is truly one of a kind with its art, small corridors and steps and decorations from various decades.


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Haesje Claes
Spuistraat 275, Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 624 99 98


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