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High Society at the Rijksmuseum


High Society at the Rijksmuseum is an exposition full of glitz and glam. Over the centuries many powerful people have commissioned portraits of themselves with the best painters in the world. These rich and famous preferred live-size paintings of themselves so you can view them in all their glory. During the exposition many of these impressive paintings are on display.

About the High Society Exposition

Rarely have so many paintings by world-famous artists been displayed at a Rijksmuseum exhibition. The paintings range from the early sixteenth century to the early twentieth century. The highlight of the exhibition will be Rembrandt’s pendant portraits of Marten Soolmans and Oopjen Coppit. These spectacular portraits were painted to commemorate the couple’s marriage. With that many highly influential people painted the exhibition is also a tour through four centuries of fashion and  glamour.

The museum has a free audio tour to complement the exhibition that you can download on your smartphone. Book your tickets now to enjoy the High Society exposition at the Rijksmuseum.


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