Editor:  De Redactie • Publication:  01 January 2018



Hockney at Van Gogh: The Joy of Nature

From March 1st on there will be a new exhibition up in the Amsterdam Van Gogh Museum. Hockney at Van Gogh: The Joy of Nature will let you discover the parallels between the two artists, given that Vincent Van Gogh was a big inspiration for all of Hockney’s paintings. The colorful works of this world-famous artist will be on display until May 2019.

exhibition hockney van gogh museum

The artworks of David Hockney are as colorful as they are often colossal. Inspired by nature, he experiments with bright colors and perspective which results in amazingly lively paintings. Some might call him a living legend. His works are known to be sold for the highest amounts ever for an artist that is still alive.


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