Editor:  De Redactie • Publication:  01 January 2018



Human Nature Exposition


FOAM Amsterdam presents: Human Nature by Lucas Foglia. This exposition is a series of stories about nature, people, government and our relationship with nature. All these stories are interconnected, where wild nature is both a quenching oasis and a shimmering mirage. His photographs show people gazing at nature, touching it, submerging themselves in it, studying it, nursing it, killing it, profiting off it, and, often just barely, surviving upon it.

About Lucas Foglia

Lucas Foglia grew up on a small family farm in the United States. His childhood home was surrounded by forest even though the farm was just outside New York City. This upbringing is probably the starting point for his fascination with humans and nature and how they coexist these days.

His inspiration for Human Nature came from Hurricane Sandy. In 2012, this hurricane flooded his family’s fields and blew down the oldest trees in the woods. On the news, scientists linked the storm to climate change caused by human activity. Foglia realized that if humans are changing the weather, then there is no place on earth unaltered by people.


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