Editor:  De Redactie • Publication:  01 January 2018



Ichwan Noor in Reflex Gallery

Reflex Amsterdam presents the first Benelux solo show of Ichwan Noor, renowned for his large-scale sculptures of hybrid human, animal and technological forms. He works predominantly with bronze, stainless steel, aluminum, various used materials and resin. His recent works also include found components that are transformed through the processes of casting and welding.

The Beetle Sphere – one of his most iconic pieces

The Beetle Sphere is one of Noor’s most iconic pieces, this piece of art takes the vehicle’s iconic curves to the extreme. The Sphere is made of the parts of a Beetle car as a response to the loaded political history of the iconic car. Noor carved a spherical polyurethane replica of the vehicle’s body and then cast it in aluminum. The work is a part of a longer series by the artist that he started in 2011. He reimagines the “peoples car” (the Beetle) in a variety of new and surprising shapes.


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