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Italian Food Festival Amsterdam

On the 25th and 26th of August it is time for a (free!) Italian Food Festival in Amsterdam. Take your friends and loved ones to this festival filled with great pasta, pizza and wine. Join all the pasta and pizza lovers at Dok Amsterdam, the new hot spot and city beach in the city. Even if the weather isn’t beach-like, the Italian food will warm your hearts.

Italian Food Festival 2018 Thumb

Food at the Italian Food Festival Amsterdam 2018

So, come on down to Dok Amsterdam to enjoy drinks at the wine & prosecco bar or drink a Disaronno Sour or Martini at the cocktail bar. If it gets way too hot there is Italian ice cream to cool you down (this tastes amazing when it isn’t so hot too). Besides that there is (obviously) enough Italian food to enjoy. Think of carpaccio, penne, farfalle, rigatoni, conchiglie, fettuccine and many other dishes. Who thinks that all served at the festival is fatty and unhealthy is wrong, they will also have many healthy options and even vegan options!


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