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Jerusalem Stone

Ad van Denderen is a famous documentary-style photographer that has been photographing the daily life in Israel and the Palestinian territories for 25 years. The result of this work is now on display at Huis Marseille.

About Jerusalem Stone and Ad van Denderen

Jerusalem Stone unites his older, back and white, work with his newer color photographs. Through his lens you will see the subtle depiction of the complex and precarious situation in this part of the world. In his work stone is a metaphor. It is stone that principally defines the landscape, and with it the area’s water management and vegetation. Its quarries provide the material for houses being built on both sides of the border.

Ad van Denderen has returned to the region various times over the last 25 years but his first visit was in 1960. Since 1990 he has been taking his famous photos that teach people from all over the world about the region and its challenges. He also published a book on the topic, Peace in the Holy Land.


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