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Jump Into the Future at Stedelijk Museum

Art from the 90's and 2000's. The Borgmann Donation


Jump into the Future – Art from the 90’s and 2000’s. The Borgmann Donation is one of the biggest expositions in the Stedelijk Museum. This exhibition occupies around 2.540 m2 of the museum. The collection is made up of donated, curated and long-term loan pieces.

About the exposition: Jump Into the Future at Stedelijk Museum

Jump Into the Future shows the diversity of contemporary art during a special time; the ‘90’s. During these years art was heavily influenced by a turbulent political climate. The fall of the Berlin Wall, the Yugoslav Wars, conflicts in the Middle East and the attack on the Twin Towers all had their effect on art and artists. Besides that, the digital revolution made it an interesting time for those willing to experiment. All these changes and influences make the ‘90s an interesting art era, Jump Into The Future makes it possible to travel through these times, politics and technology by just looking at the various pieces in the collection.


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