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When Juul Everts decided in 2015 to start a jewelry collection, it did not take her much time to find an appropriate name: Juulry.And just as the name, so is the collection: original and authentic .Juul transforms lots of personal ideas, fantasies and inspirations into her minimalistic and geometric designs made out of silver and brass. Before Juul and her partner Alain own eda clothingstor ecalled Studio Appel 67. But because of the positive feedback they go to the jewelry ,they decided to expand their points of sale also to local Amsterdammarkets. And from there things went really fast : now they sell rings ,bracelets ,necklaces and many more at Collektivin Rotterdam ,Berlin Amersfoort and Wenin Amsterdam .And they even have their own store now in the center of Amsterdam! Check it out!

In the neighbouhood


Tweede Jacob van Campenstraat 1, Amsterdam
+31 20 676 1454


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