Editor:  De Redactie • Publication:  01 January 2018



Keith Coventry at Reflex Gallery


Junk and Pure Junk is a new exhibition by internationally acclaimed artist Keith Coventry. He combines aspects of modernism and socio-political issues in his art. During this exposition you see combinations of Junk culture in a fresh context.

The artist lives in London, that is also the place that inspires him most. The urban surroundings of this metropole are the inspiration for most of his art. In his own words his art is no political statement. He just draws inspiration from socio-political issues, he takes no stand in the matter.

About Junk and Pure Junk at Reflex Gallery

During the  exposition you will see a collection of his work. White monochrome objects, color and gold are all on display during this exposition. In conjunction with this exposition the gallery also launches a book that includes al of Coventry’s work, the book can be purchased at the gallery.


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