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Landscape at Dutch Accent Gallery

Dutch Accent Gallery presents the exhibition Landscape by Niels Schouten. His work will be on display in the KunstHaar Gallerie from the 2nd of April until the 2nd of June. He finds his inspiration in the landscape, especially the Dutch polder landscape. The paintings are described as abstract landscapes and can be seen as a peaceful statement in an interior.

About Niels Schouten

Schouten started painting in the ‘80s. Before he starts painting he always takes pictures, it works like a sketchbook for him. With this pictures he gets a feel for the composition and colors. After that he makes the first sketch on his canvasses with charcoal, usually starting with the horizon as this is one of the most important parts of his artwork. Inspired by ancient fort walls, Schouten has incorporated various materials, such as sand, lime, cement and various types of soil into his early work. Gradually, the materials changed and at present acrylic paint is the main component of his paintings.

In the neighbouhood


KunstHaar Galerie Kappers
Berenstraat 21, Amsterdam


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