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Life in the Universe

Come and discover the thrilling depths of the universe during the new exhibition in the Nemo Science museum: Life in the Universe. This exhibition takes you to faraway stars and planets. Some of those are a billion years old and have their own, interesting, history. Besides that this exhibition explores the possibility of life on other planets and it will tell you more about where we come from as humans, because we are made up from the same particles as those faraway stars and planets.

Life in the Universe

Nemo Science Museum

At NEMO Science Museum discover how science and technology make ordinary things special. Explore five floors full of experiments, demonstrations and workshops. Roll up your sleeves and get busy learning about how bridges work, how water is made drinkable, and how lightning is created. This summer you can enjoy the new exhibit Energetica on the roof of NEMO. At numerous self operated sculptures you can make discoveries together involving for example sun, wind and water power and renewable energy. You can also take part in experiments and workshops in the Family Maker Space. Book your tickets to the NEMO Science Museum now

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