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Louie Louie

With Louie Louie they have done it again! The entrepreneurs behind Bukoswki Bar, De Waterkant and De Biertuin – all of which are thriving businesses in Amsterdam East – recently opened their new bar near the Oosterpark. In this hotspot, the so-called “wise men from the East”, do not only offer breakfast and lunch, but also a menu full of very tasty Mexican-oriented dishes for dinner. At the modern decorated Louie Louie, you can order for example tacos with Caribbean bakkeljauw, avocado cream and pineapple salsa or lamb chops from the grill.

With Louie Louie they’ve created a new hot spot!

This Amsterdam hot spot can be visited during breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between. How they do it, we don’t know… but with this bar they opened another hot spot in the city. The Mexican food with a twist is immensely popular and very tasty. It is the perfect food for after a Sunday afternoon stroll in the Oosterpark.

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Louie Louie
+31 (0)20 370 29 81


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