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Lucy’s Cheesecakes

Just around the corner from the iconic Amsterdam Dam Square you’ll find a little pink marble hotspot called Lucy’s Cheesecakes. If you’re a lover of anything sweet and pink, this is your go to! As the name already reveals, Lucy’s serves cheesecakes and they are some of the best in town. From noon until after dinner time, Lucy’s is open for you to grab a coffee or tea with a slice of deliciousness!


Lucy's cheesecakes

On the menu at Lucy’s Cheesecakes

It is hard, very hard to make choices at Lucy’s. Their selection of cheesecakes will make your mouth water! White Chocolate Honeycomb, Red Velvet, Shortbread Chocolate & Caramel and Chocolate Fudge are just a few of the scrumptious options.  In the unlikely scenario that you don’t like cheesecakes, they also serve other pies, brownies and flapjacks. Want to have something cold to go with your cake? The organic ice cream, homemade ice teas and ice coffees are just as tasty as anything else you can find in the café. If you’d rather take your delicacies home with you, everything is available for the go as well. Even if you want the whole cake.

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Have a look on their Facebook page for the full menu.

In the neighbouhood


Lucy's Cheesecakes
Rokin 8, Amsterdam


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